Battling Depression

Since actor Robin Williams’ tragic death by suicide recently, depression has taken centre stage on worldwide forums.  People are becoming more aware of how dangerous it can be and the effect it can have far below the surface. People can appear to be fine, and inside they could be struggling with some incredible demons. Let’s look at how you can identify depression and deal with it.

Seeing the Signs

Depression is a normal part of human experience. The obstacles we encounter daily give us reason to be depressed and sad. But a well-balanced person will find a way past those obstacles and the depression they face. If that depression stays with you, even after something good has happened and begins to detrimentally affect your life, then you know you are dealing with a stronger form of the problem.

Depression can actually be diagnosed by a medical expert. There are signs to watch for and treatments to be made to handle it effectively. Signs of prolonged depression can include intense mood swings, aninability to be cheered up, even by things that would normally cheer you up, a lack of will to accomplish anything, a loss of energy, and difficulty sleeping. Each of these things on its own could mean nothing. But together they paint a picture of someone who is struggling with a deep and terrible problem.

Treating Your Own Depression

A lot of people are able to overcome their depression on their own. Through mental exercise or various other means they can defeat the depression that has them trapped. One of those ways is to engage your mind and body into something that requires a lotofeffort. For some people, that is their job, and for others it is doing work at home.

Perhaps you have always meant to renovate your bathroom. You can start right away on this job to get your mind off of what is bothering you. As you work on the bathroom renovations, you can think more clearly and look at your problems from a subjective viewpoint. Work of any kind brings out this clarity and energy and it helps you to overcome some of the difficulties that you go through. Whether it is bathroom renovations or just cooking and cleaning, getting up and doing some activity can be great for your mental state.

Getting Help

images1Not everyone will be able to overcome their depression on their own. And as embarrassing as it may be, it is important to get help. We have all seen where depression can lead when it goes untreated. A person can appear fine on the outside, but if they don’t get help, they could end up in a dire state. Most people prefer to start by talking to their friends or loved ones. The people you feel most comfortable sharing your struggles with are likely the ones who will be most able to help you. You need to be honest and true and tell every detail as much as you can. Talk about why you are depressed, what is keeping you down and what kind of help you think you need.

In some cases, you may need to seek professional help.  While your friends may be good listeners and may be supportive, they might not know how to treat the root issue of the depression. Sometimes, only health professional have those answers that you need. Don’t feel ashamed to seek help, because you will likely regret it if you do not.


Cleansing Your Body and Spirit

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You don’t have to wait for the New Year to start some life changing practices. There are plenty of things you can do right now to effect positive change in your life. And most of them are easier than you might think.

Purge the negative Thoughts

Think about all those things you have been holding onto that are negative, and then stop thinking about them. All those grudges, awful memories and pet peeves are holding you back form experiencing happiness. You can just suck them out of your body like a vacuum cleaner. But unlike the robotic vacuum cleaner, you won’t be storing all the dirt somewhere.

Your mind could do with some occasional vacuuming though. The bad stuff tends to cling to your brain, always popping up when you don’t want to think about it. But if you just let it go and stop stressing over it, then you will be a lot happier.

Just think about how they are affecting you. Is holding a grudge with one of your friends or family members really going to do you any good? Malicious and hateful thoughts are corrosive like an acid. If you let them fester and sit in your mind, they will cause you emotional problems and possibly even physical ones.

Make Healthier Decisions

Part of the reason you don’t feel good sometimes has as much to do with what you eat as the emotions that you feel. If you drink more water, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, then you will feel amazing.

When you have the choice, pick water over soda, a fruit over candy or cookies, and vegetables over chips and carbs. You will not only be leaner, but you will have more energy and your skin will become more vibrant. Many of the foods we are accustomed to eating every day are packed with things our bodies cannot digest properly. And when it tries to break them down and use those ingredients, the body starts to feel unwell. You can break this chain of unhealthiness by making good nutritional choices starting right now.

Don’t Give Up What You Love

images1Just because you are getting rid of some things doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love. You will not survive a diet or a cleanse if you are not able to enjoy the foods you really love. And you won’t ever be truly happy if you are giving up your favorite hobbies just because there is some association with bad memories. Remember to hold on to the things that are dear to you. Even if they are not completely healthy for you, almost anything is okay in moderation.


To Proselytize or Not to Proselytize

We all have firmly-held beliefs of some kind or another. I’m not just talking about religious beliefs. Even people who are atheists and agnostics have beliefs they hold dearly. And when you believe something very strongly, you can become defensive about it. Some of us even try to convert others to our ways of thinking. But there are times where it is just not appropriate to try to convince others of the rightness of our beliefs.

Knowing When to Proselytize

Many religions ask of their believers that they try to convert those around them. This is a noble goal, as it tries to build a community of like-minded individuals, all working toward common goals and interests. But sometimes that proselytizing rubs people he wrong way.

Say you are riding in a chauffeured car and you want to tell your driver about your beliefs. Now you have a captive audience, because your driver cannot go anywhere else. He has to hear what you are saying whether he likes it or not. But you also don’t want to start up a heated argument with someone who is trying to safeguard you. That can cause them to get into an accident or create tensions between you and them.

Sometimes you just have to back down and let people be. You may always be driven to try to convert those around you, but you have to realize they are not always going to be receptive to what you have to say. Sometimes they have other things on their mind, and they just won’t listen to you the way you want them to while they are distracted. You may have to wait for the right opportunity.

Respecting Others

No matter your religious beliefs, you likely adhere to a principle that requires you to respect other people. So whether they believe as you do or not you need to respect their beliefs. You don’t have to completely understand them or try to follow their same path and believe as they do, but you should respect their ability to believe as they wish.

You should also respect them when they tell you they are not interested in hearing what you have to say. You might wonder howimages1 they could turn down hearing about your beliefs when they have not had enough time to hear you out. But you should also realize that they might know exactly what you are going to try to tell them, and they just aren’t interested. You likely are not the only person who believes the things you do, and the people around you have been exposed to the kinds of things you believe in. Not all of them are going to commit to those things the way you do.

Whether that discourages you or not is up to you. You can always look for other opportunities to tell them what you believe in and try to convert them, but you should also learn when to call it quits and just respect that they don’t want to hear about it. No matter what you say or how you reason, some people will never stray from what they already believe.


Gaining Spiritual Guidance through Assimilation

Those who are the happiest with their spirituality are not those who are deeply entrenched into a single religion. The people who believe what they believe and have no room for anything else are often irritable and disgruntled when it comes to discussion of religions.

But if you open your mind to other religions and what they have to say, youcan find a measure of peace you wouldn’t otherwise know. That’s not to say that you have to incorporate their beliefs into your own. You could simply attempt to understand why they believe the way they do.

Here’s an exercise I like to give to people who struggle with accepting other people’s religions and spirituality. I tell them to go to those people’s place of worship for at least one service. I ask them to keep an open mind and not denigrate the other religion or sit in their seat stewing about how everything is different there than what they are used to.

Instead, I want them to find the beauty and the logic in what is being taught and observed. I want them to look around at the other people gathered there and see if they can find peace and happiness on those people’s faces. If they can find joy from their religion, perhaps it is not as terrible as you may have thought it to be.

I think every religion holds some value, particularly the older ones that have been around for thousands of years. These are religions with rich backstories and centuries of history. There is definitely beauty and wonder to find in them. And you can even find spiritual advice that applies to you.

Take Buddhism for example. Unless you live in a particular part of Asia, the odds are that you don’t subscribe to this religion. But how many have benefited from the adages that come from this religion?

If you are so caught up on how everyone believes then you won’t be able to function very wellin society. If you call for a tree images1service company to trim or remove your trees, then how will you react to them if you find out their religion is different? Will you get in the way of letting them care for your trees, or will you coexist peacefully and try to find some common ground?

For many people, having the common ground of spirituality is enough to connect them to others. Just knowing that the person they are talking to subscribes to a higher power gives them a kinship that they can turn into friendship. I advise everyone to take this approach and try to see the value in the religions of other people.


Your Spiritual Happiness Is Related to Your Physical Health

Many of the spiritual problems you face could be better handled if your physical health were in better shape. You may wonder why you are not at peace and why you cannot find happiness, but it could be because you are not happy with yourself. Just think about the depression people face sometimes. Some of that may be related to their body issues.

If you are not happy with the way you look or the way you feel, then it can affect all of you- your mind, your body and your spiritual health.


Taking Care of Your Body

If your body is in such a state that it is affecting your spiritual well-being, then you need to start changing the habits in your life. You can start by eating properly. Many of the foods we commonly eat- fast foods, fried foods, sugary foods- affect the way we feel. It is hard for your body to operate like it should if you are not fueling it with the proper nutrients.

You should also consider exercising regularly, if you are not. This doesn’t mean you have to take out a gym membership. But you can simply do some strenuous physical activity for about thirty minutes a day, five days a week. This will get your heart rate up, improve circulation, work your muscles and keep your organs in good condition.

And if your body is feeling sluggish or heavy, you may need to work on losing some weight. There are some very easy and effective ways to do so, such as by using Garcinia. This dietary supplement is completely natural and comes with no major side effects. Garcinia is proven to help people reduce their weight quickly and safely.

Feeling the Effects

To make sure you are working on your body’s health in the right way, you may want to speak to a dietician, personal trainer or a doctor. They can help set you on the right path and make sure you are doing the proper exercise and eating the right foods.

Once you start being healthy, you will feel much better. Then you will find that depression is a distant memory and that your spiritual health is much improved. It is hard to connect spiritually when you are depressed with yourself and distracted by your own health.
But if you can get your body in order and make sure it stays healthy, you can enjoy a much fuller, more spiritual life.


Dealing with Change Spiritually

We all encounter changes in our lives that are beyond our control. Perhaps a new child is born into our family or our position at work changes. Whatever the case, it is not always possible to have an effect on this change. It may irrevocably become a part of your life. Let’s take a moment to look at how you can deal with these changes from a spiritual and moral standpoint.

Controlling Your Emotions


For many people, change of any kind brings out their primal emotions. Fear and anger are chief among those, and they can be dangerous to the situation and can actually make the change to become worse than it already seems. You have to try to step back emotionally from what has changed and see it on its own.

Say for example that your place of employment has decided to change some of the rules of operation. They want to have all employees log in and log out after each task to show who has done which task and how long it took them. Large corporations have started implementingthis practice in many of their locations, and it has made many employees upset.

And while your kneejerk reaction may be to scoff at the lack of trust your employer seems to have in you and deride the extra steps you have to take to complete tasks, you can still find the positive side. It may not be you specifically that your employer mistrusts. They may just want a way to measure productivity. You can use this change as a way to show that you are able to perform well and that you excel under pressure. It could be your chance to really shine.

Preparing for Change

The more you learn to deal with change in a positive way, the better you will be able to handle it when it comes. If you can force yourself to step back emotionally from changes when they occur, you will be better equipped to handle them when they happen.

And if you learn to embrace change, you could learn to benefit greatly from it. One such instance to consider would be the change that many companies and homeowners have made from conventional sources of power to solar energy. Looking for a cost-effective way to manage their power options and protect the environment, they transitioned to solar energy. Those who were ready to deal with the change were able to profit considerably. Many small companies took the initiative to convert their business over to solar panel sales and installation or to add that product line onto what they already offered. By leaping on an opportunity and embracing change, they were able to improve their outcomes considerably.

Change, you must realize is inevitable. And if you can deal with it and prepare for it, you too could benefit.


Spiritual Advice for Your Daily Life


You don’t have to be religious to benefit from spiritual counseling. There are many tenants from a number of different religions and spiritual paths that can apply to everyone equally. And even if you hold fast to a particular religion, you can still find sage advice from spiritual leaders outside your denomination.

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Gryphon Garage Doors

Seeking Guidance

You can find guidance that is applicable to your daily life from a number of religious figures. Not all of them are going to push their beliefs on you or try to convert you. Many of them realize that you would be best served by receiving the advice you asked for and nothing more. They may figure that if you found their advice to be valuable, you will return for more.

While you could scour the Internet or books for advice from those in religious positions, you can actually go right to the source. Many pastors, priests, spiritual counselors and various religious persons offer their services to anybody. You generally don’t have to be a member of a church or religious organization to receive advice from someone who works there. They are typically more than happy to help you with some guidance in your life.

Make Use of What Is Available

You don’t have to go in person to get guidance if you don’t want. Perhaps you are too intimidated or reluctant to enter a spiritual establishment or perhaps you would prefer receive help in a manner that was not face to face. If that is the case, you can avail yourself of a number of resources for people in your same position.

Many churches and religious organizations operate hotlines. Most of these are available to call 24 hours a day and are often answered by experienced clergy. They will be happy to talk with you for as long as you need, and you never have to get out of your house or open your garage doors. You can talk from the comfort of your own home and get just the advice you are looking for.

Don’t be afraid to seek out multiple opinions however. Not everyone has the same experiences, and you may find better advice from somewhere other than the first place you went looking. Talk to people who have used these resources before and find out what their experiences were like and where they determined they received the best advice.

Your mileage may vary with the kind of guidance you receive from religious organizations, but even if you cannot apply all of their advice to your life, you may find some nuggets in what they have to say.